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  • East Oakland Collaborative
  • Mother of Peace Community
  • Save a Child with AIDS
  • Medical Clinics

East Oakland Collaborative - We serve East Oakland and surrounding communities by focusing on prevention awareness, testing services, case management and spiritual support for youth and adults. Read more about the East Oakland Collaborative.

Mother of Peace - Located in Zimbabwe, Africa, the Mother of Peace Community provides a loving, stable and secure home environment for orphaned children that includes housing, education and medical treatment. Read more about Mother of Peace.

Save A Child With AIDS - Save A Child With AIDS directly addresses the growing number of children diagnosed with the disease in Zimbabwe, Africa by offering medical treatment, testing services and prevention. Learn more about Save A Child With AIDS.

Medical Clinics - Our Co-Founder Dr. Robert C. Scott leads a team of doctors and nurses in Zimbabwe, Africa to provide medical care and administer life-saving and anti-retroviral treatments to patients. Read more about Medical Clinics.

Allen Temple is located in Oakland, California. Founded in 1919, we have served the community by providing spiritual teaching, prayer and social services for 90 years.

We are blessed to be led by Reverend Dr. J. Alfred Smith Jr., Reverend Dr. Jacqueline Thompson, our Assistant Pastor and Reverend Dr. J. Alfred Smith, Sr., our Pastor Emeritus. . In 1987, the Allen Temple AIDS Ministry was founded by Reverend Dr. J. Alfred Smith Sr., our the late Dr. Robert C. Scott and other church leaders. The AIDS Ministry was Co-Chaired by Dr. Robert Scott and Gloria Crowell from 1994-2009. Currently, Mrs. Gloria Crowell is the chair of the Ministry.

Mission Statement and Purpose

The Allen Temple Baptist Church AIDS Ministry, a faith-based organization, seeks to combat the fear, prejudice and lack of knowledge that surrounds HIV/AIDS by providing critical medical and social services, as well as HIV prevention awareness education. 


To expand our AIDS Ministry with volunteers who can provide service throughout East Oakland, CA and Mutoko Zimbabwe at the Mother of Peace Orphanage with required and well-resourced support services for HIV positive populations.