To guide and develop good character and citizenship. To stimulate talents and to develop good physical and mental fitness. To teach love and respect for their God, church, community and fellow man, to transform today's boys into the upstanding men of tomorrow. The scouting program is boy run with adult advisors.


  • Define and implant a strong and spiritually operational troop.
  • Teach boys the true meaning of responsible evangelism, the seven steps to salvation and good skills while earning their way through the scout ranks and learning the patrol method.
  • Teach the boys pride and self-respect through the guidance and example of positive role models of community active men and women who can serve as mentors.
  • Develop the boys' minds, both spiritually and socially, through a very active program, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Teach basic life survival skills that can be applied to ANY given situation.
  • Teach good Christian education skills as well as develop basic skills in reading and mathematics.

Program Objectives:

To build character and to develop good citizenship, to nurture talent and to promote good physical and mental fitness. To teach love and respect for God, church, and the Black community. To help our boys become strong men. In the recent past the previous sentence referred to help our black boys become black men. For the past two or three years our troop and pack has been interracial. We now attract boys who are interested in leaving scouting skills, being disciplined and development a sense of responsibility to community, family and country.

  • The Scouts will receive instruction in the basics of the Baptist religion under the guidance of an ordained minister or representative of the Christian Education department. Each year the troop will offer lessons in God and Country which will lead to the medal and the certificate for each school level.
  • All of our boys will be encouraged to strive to achieve one step of advancement per year toward Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Scouting.
  • All of our boys will have the opportunity to attend Boy Scout summer camp and to earn at least four merit badges per Scout.
  • Teach boys the true meaning of responsible evangelism, the seven steps to salvation, scout craft skills and leadership skills while advancing through the ranks of Scouting.
  • To encourage the Life Scouts to be active in the community and to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.
  • To make a financial contribution to the Allen Temple Baptist Church.
  • To conduct an in house Junior Leadership Training Course, with a focus on helping our boys become effective leaders.


Annual Report 2009

Eagle Scouts Honor Roll

Boy Scouts - Donald Smith

Cub Scouts - 


Meetings Day/time:
Boy Scouts (Ages 12 - 18, or grades 6th through 12th)

  Mondays 6:30 to 8:00 pm, in the J. Alfred Smith Fellowship Hall

Cub Scouts (Ages 7 - 11, or grades 2nd through 5th)

  Mondays 6:30 to 7:30 pm, in the Wildy Carpenter Hall

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