Communications Ministry opt

The Communications Ministry reaches the congregation and our community through media in order to inspire, inform, and invite participation in the life, mission, and purposes of the Church through worship projection, management of the Cyber Church, social networking, public relations and other special projects.

The Communications Ministry uses a five point strategy for execution:
• Innovation – presenting in a fresh way
• Integration – using all the media means at our disposal together in an effective way
• Involvement – coaching Church members on how to effectively communicate
• Inspiration – telling the stories of God at work in people's lives

This is done through the following avenues:

Worship Projection:
Allen Temple is excited to be on the cutting edge with this and many other ministries. We believe that God deserves our best and that worship should be the fullest and most meaningful experience of the week. Our Worship Projection Ministry uses state of the art equipment to project the Praise and Worship Songs, Scriptures, Strategies For God's Mission Video and the Pastor's sermon highlights on the sanctuary screens. Using a program that animates the presentation, this ministry enhances every worship experience.

Church Bulletin:
The Communications Ministry creates and prints the Sunday bulletin. To request that your event be placed in the Sunday Bulletin or the Strategies for God's Mission video (which airs during Sunday worship as well as on the Church's YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter),  please click here for details on how to submit your request. Information must be received by the Director of Communications no later than Wednesdays at noon for the upcoming Sunday bulletin.

Church eNews:
The Communications Ministry sends out weekly news via online subscription. You can sign up at anytime; click the Newsletter icon at the top right of the webpage. Information must be received by the Director of Communications no later than Wednesdays at noon for the upcoming Sunday e-news.

Strategies For God's Mission Video:
The Communications Ministry develops and produces the weekly Strategies for God's Mission Video, which highlights key events and is aired during Sunday worship services and placed on the Church's YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter stream and LinkedIn page.

Social Networking:
The Communications Ministry directs and manages the Church's social networking presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp, and Foursquare) by ensuring that pertinent and prominent information about ministry events are routinely shared and updated.

Cyber Church:
The Communications Ministry directs and manages our CyberChurch, which is available at each Sunday worship and revival service via Livestream. To worship online, click on the Livestream icon on the homepage.

Advertising & Graphic Design:
The Communications Ministry helps develop and coordinate creative projects or publicity campaigns for your events with regard to print, web & multi-media advertising. We can help with ministry campaigns, graphic designs, press releases, videos, posters, flyers, banners, mail-outs, pamphlets, yard signs, newspaper ads, etc.. Be sure and give us as much time as possible to help you with your events.

Need to Spread the Word?? How to Market Your Church Event/Activity:
If you have an upcoming event, don't forget to get the word out. The Communications Ministry is here to serve you and publicize all your church events. We suggest you start communicating with us the moment you start talking about it in your ministry teams. Once it goes on the church calendar... come talk to us! On large projects and all-church events you need to start working with us 6 months out from your event date if possible. On smaller projects and events we like to start promoting 6 weeks out from your event date. When we start planning your event it's good to think about placement. Who is your audience? Is this a Church-wide only event or a Community-wide event? If it is only church-wide we'll place it in the church news, bulletin (space permitting), and website. If it's for the community and funding is available, we'll also assist you in adding it to newspapers, press releases, ads, community boards and newsletters, etc. Therefore, let us know the information as soon as you plan your event... even if it's down the road. If you have any questions about a particular job, or how it should be done, please consult with us.

If you would like to help the Church communicate her message, contact us to volunteer today! We are always looking for new and innovative ideas.

Contact: Reverend Charlotte Williams

Director & Minister of Communications

Phone: (510) 544-8980