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The Allen Temple Sunday School Department is the primary source of Christian Education from Kindergarten to senior citizens.

We focus on biblically based lessons and practical applications. We prepare members to deal with everyday situations as relayed through Bible teachings. Through the strategic use of Romans 10:1 “Brothers (and sisters), my heart's desire and prayer to God for the Israelites is that they may be saved “ we believe Sunday School offers a learning-based venue beyond Sunday’s sermon.


Adult Classes
Facilitator Location
Dr. Nathan Goodlow C109
Deacon James Thomas C122
Deaconess E. Penney Thomas C107
Deaconess Rene Mastin / Deacon John Harrison C203
Deacon Cornell Harvel C211
Deacon Nolan Clay C212
Deacon T. Wayne Coleman C213
Brother Rufus Darden C215
Reverend Tappoly Mills C214
Deacon Reginald Lyles D216
Brother Ralph Gordon D218
Sister Flowers / Sister Watson FLC
Children’s Classes  
Sister Jill Burns - 1st grade C118
Sister Connie Peoples – 2nd grade C110
Sister Sodipo / Sister Wood – 3rd grade C112
Sister Mary Cobb / Sister Peaches Rentie - 4th grade C114
Brother Jerry Kitt / Sister Ruth Turner - 5th & 6th grades C108
Youth Classes
Brother Heywood Harvey / Sister Thompson - 7th & 8th grades C204
Deacon and Mrs. Colbert - 9th & 10th grades C205
Deacon Sneed / Sister McLean - 11th & 12th grades C208


Deacon Olen Grant or
Deacon Leslie Allison
(510) 544-8910

Meeting Day / Time: 10:15 a.m.