It is our mission to provide the highest quality audio and video services within the Church, as well as to provide media to senior citizens, the sick and shut-in, and incarcerated.

Our ministry provides audio/visual and media support to the church ministries throughout the church campus. We are also responsible for archiving and maintaining important church events and historical events and making them available to the church and the community. Through technology, the ministry seeks to support the mission and vision for Allen Temple.

Who we are…what we do.

  • Drive media initiatives and improvements/installations
  • Recruit, train and support a team of volunteer sound engineers and technicians
  • Create and support technical and operational manuals and procedures
  • Schedule all events requiring media support
  • Working knowledge of all audio-visual equipment on campus
  • Training of technical staff and installation integrations
  • Responsible for duplication and archiving of master recordings and video
  • Preparation of “Messages- to- go”
  • Provide media to sick, shut-in, long distance members, and others requesting archived media in cooperation with Deaconess and Visitation Ministries

The Media Window and the Media Store are open following all Sunday Worship Services

Join us!

If you have talent or training in the area of media, or would like to train to volunteer, contact us for training schedules and ministry tours.

Media Request Forms:

Schedule audio/video Ministry Event

For comments or questions please contact:
or 510-544-8948.